The Devil Is Alive

by Menacing

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Lead vocals, guitars, bass: Joshua Kerekes
Drums performed by Steve Gallo (ex-Agnostic Front)


released November 17, 2015

Produced by David Alexander and Tony Ortiz.

All music and lyrics written by Joshua Kerekes.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by David Alexander and Tony Ortiz at Level Up Studios, Long Island City, NY.

©2015 Slow Death Records. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Menacing New York, New York

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Track Name: Extermination Prose
Contorted, reckless beings
Listless in ennui
Vermin irrational
Cry out and caterwaul
Their vice and mass disgrace
Failure, the human race
Miserable violent shit
wretched our existence

Traitors and coward seeds
Extermination prose
We are beyond all hope
Writhing sick viral curse
Bane of this lifeless earth
Due for all violent rest
Destroy our existence
Track Name: G.O.D. (feat. Ray Mazzola)
Worldwide politics
Militant intelligence
System broke and needs a fix
Elevate your consciousness

Gold, oil and drugs
Fuck your god

War and death and poverty
Feeding only corporate greed
I won't be another sheep
Fuck the American dream

Gold, oil and drugs
Fuck your god
Track Name: Fuck You
So now it's come to this
Your negative state of mind
Tuck tail and turned your back
You fell so far behind
Fuck you this time

Save your breath, you fucking crossed the line

Remove the mask you made
Trapped in your bitter pride
You ain't shit but think you are
No regrets to cut these ties
Wide awake but still asleep
On broken wings you try to fly
I'm done with your mistakes
You fell so far behind
Fuck you this time

Save your breath you fucking waste of life
Track Name: I Am Shame
Suffering soul
Self-made pain
Life is a curse
Void of grace

1000 deaths won't break these chains
I loathe my shame

My reflection cold
Self-worth denied
Lost in hatred
Stare through hollow eyes
Track Name: Dead Man Walking (feat. Ray Mazzola)
When will we wake up from this nightmare called life?
Only way out, eternal sleep when we die
Push along the process, no one gives a fuck
String yourself up and destroy all you love

Dead men walking since the day we were born
Praying for the day when we're finally fucking gone
Victims of our choices, trying to kill the pain
Left to be forgotten, that's the human fucking way

Separate from society
Decimate these broken dreams
Track Name: Nothing
Cold-blooded prayer, mask my avarice
Reborn despair, no hope to guide my restlessness

Nothing from nothing is nothing

Judge and be judged, fall face down to your knees
Baptized in blood, Enslaved to what you cannot see

Nothing from nothing is nothing

I am emptiness

Save me my sorrow
Fuck religion's plague
Your words ring hollow
Still I remain